The Introduction

See The Adventure Log for completed adventure summaries, and the Quest Board for up to date info on adventures you can go on, or rumors to investigate.

A brief history of this world can be found here: A Brief History

This is a West Marches style campaign, and if you don’t know what that is, don’t feel obligated to google it, I’ve explained anything and everything you need to know below. If you do find yourself intrigued by the history of it, you can find more info about the origin of West Marches [[ here]] or [[ here]]

The Setup

The Magistery is an ages old guild founded in 5412 BCE/BK

The players are all recent initiates of the Magistery located in the capital city Solace. Initiates have numerous onerous tasks for maintaining the basic needs of the Magistery hall. Under the guise of “learning the ropes” and “earning their keep” the Magistery leverages its initiates as cheap labor to keep the hall clean, well staffed, and stocked with magical ingredients, foodstuffs, and specialty items.

As initiates, the majority of your time will be spent doing menial tasks and maintaining the grounds for the Magistery (this will be almost exclusively your out-of-game time) but you are required to undergo a minimum of 4 missions before you can apply to take your Apprentice’s Examination to become an apprentice.

At that time you will be able to join a Dominion, and eventually a House.

How this works
So, we’re going to roll up a bunch of level 1 characters. You’ll choose all of the starting stuff, fine tune your personality, expand on your background if you wish. All that matters is at some point you determined to join the Magistery, and as such you are a fresh Initiate.

This game will progress in what will be called “Psuedo Real Time” where time in game passes at approximately the same rate as it does on Earth, in terms of weeks and months.

If you want to play a game, you will have to look through the Magistery Board for something you’re interested in doing in your rank (at the start of the campaign only the Initiate board will be visible). You may also opt for something off-board, meaning a self driven mission (Work with me to figure out the details).

Once you decide on what you want to do, you may want to explore the Roster for players and/or characters you think you would like to play with, and/or are well suited for the task at hand. Groups of 1-5 are acceptable (Yes, Solo Missions are allowed, but there should be a reason for it)

Once you’ve got your group and game, work with me on scheduling. Games will either be in-person, or online, no mixing because it’s too challenging. In-person is waaaaaaaay better obviously, but not everyone is able to come to our house.

Besides scheduling and playing, there’s also the post-session summaries. Someone in your group will be tasked with writing a post-session summary, detailing what happened, what you discovered, and any new rumors that merit investigating. The player or players who write these summaries will be rewarded with in-game bonuses, XP, or perhaps even some loot.

Additionally, it is assumed that while you’re not actively playing your character, your character is performing his or her regular duties at the Magistery, and your days off are spent however you want them to be spent.

Actual games are considered synchronizing your “off-duty” days with the other players in the group so you can go on an adventure together. Initially these adventures will be short and local, but as you grow stronger and gain levels, they too will grow larger and more complex.

Getting Started!
Finally. You read all this random stuff, accidentally got lost in the wiki reading about some fantastical event that happened in a fake world 3000 years ago and now you’re all confused about what system and stuff we’re using. I get it, there’s been a fair bit of mixed messaging, so here’s the important stuff for getting into things:

This will be a D&D Fifth Edition (Also called D&D Next) campaign. We will be starting at level 1. If you’ve got some D&D experience and want to go ahead and get started, feel free to start character planning at this point. Actual character creation will be done WITH me however. We will be rolling for your attributes (which is done by rolling 4 six-sided dice, removing the lowest roll and adding together the remaining three, and we do this six times)

I encourage any newcomers to D&D or D&D 5e to read through the Player’s Handbook or the Basic Rule Set (Yes, it’s very long, no you’re not expected to have read or memorized all of it, just flip through and read some sections that might interest you as a primer). More details to follow soon.

There will be certain restrictions on races that you may be able to choose, but if you’re REALLY into one specific race that may be a little “out there,” feel free to make a case for it and I’ll see if I can make it work.

The Introduction

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